Download play free store


Almost everyone has had some time to download Download Play Store, store these we draw almost all applications and games also called Google Play. The most common situations in which you have to download the official app store Google Play are when we buy or we give away a Chinese rooteados terminal or terminals (hacheados with a different ROM to the factory to have all permissions Administrator).

Las situaciones más habituales en las que tendremos que descargar la tienda oficial de aplicaciones de Google Play son cuando compramos o nos regalan un terminal chino o con terminales rooteados (hacheados con una ROM diferentes a la de fábrica para tener todos los permisos de Administrador).


When we have one of these situations it is likely that the device, the operating system or ROM of the terminal does not have the digital certificate from Google. With this certification we can have reinstalled all the Google apps package, namely: Google Play, Google Now, Hangouts, Youtube, Google Drive, etc. Neither the Chinese clones and pirate devices usually have this package at first.

However, in this chaos you have little to worry about, since you’ve brought unartículo in which we will teach you how to download free Play Store in just minutes and few clicks. You see how easy it is with this little tutorial.

Download Free Play Store
The first thing to do before you ask download Play Store is look which is the operating system of our Android. You only have to go to Settings> About this phone (or the tablet). While the Android version is equal or superior to Android 2.3 you can download Google Play, but otherwise no.

This is because older versions of Android are compatible with the previous version of Google Play, whose name was Android Market. This does not mean that you have to give up download games and apps, but you’ll have to search the internet version direct download from Android Market in version 2.3.6, which are numerous and do not cost you anything to find.

Whenever you have Android 2.3 or higher will have to get hold of the latest Play Store, which we will link below.

How to download Play Store on Google-certified terminals
If we have a terminal that does have Google certificate, discharge is particularly simple.

The first thing to do is go to Settings> Security and check the box where it says “Allow install applications from Origin unknowns”. Thanks to this we can install APK files that do not come directly from Google Play, otherwise we would be stuck in a situation somewhat absurd.

Once you do that we will download the APK file on your computer and on your terminal, which is available at the bottom of this post from the link “Download Play Store”. Then we have to pass it to our terminal with WiFi, mail or simply passing by connecting your terminal to the computer via USB cable. If you downloaded our Android file we skip this step.

Once we have our Android APK have to look for it. It is usually on the “Downloads”, and we can also access the despicando top notification bar, but although we can always look for a file browser for Android.

Now open the APK file and install the app in just a moment. If you ask us if we want to overwrite an application operating system, will press “OK”.

How to install Google Android Play Store in root
Finally we have the situation where we have a terminal of any kind but conacceso root and ROM operating system installed. Just follow this simple step to Play Store:

The first thing we will do is download Play Store using the same steps as in the previous process.

Then simply will install or we can download via cwm recovery with Install from Sd Card (Download Apk Play Store or option.