Download New Play Store Version 6.0.0 APK

The folks at Google are clearly very busy these days, and lately haven’t been giving us a minute to catch our breath between updates. Just a couple of days ago, the new version and level of Google Play Store was released and you can now download the Play Store 6.0.0 APK update to your Android device running Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread or higher. Devices are auto-updating in waves as usual, but if you want to be one of the first people to see the changes that this new version of Play Store brings, or if you have turned off automatic updates on your device, then you will definitely want to keep your device up to date and download the new version of the Play Store APK 6.0.0. The update requires around 14.5 MB of memory.

play store 6.0.0

What’s new in Play Store 6.0.0?

Unlike the previous update to v 5.12.0, where there wasn’t even a change log published of the changes made with the update, there are some subtle but noticeable changes to the new Google Play Store 6.0.0. We would certainly expect so, since we’ve jumped from level 5 to level 6. Aside from the normal bug fixes and security patches, the User Interface of the Play Store has gotten a bit of a makeover. The look is fresh and modern, and little more minimalistic than before; although the difference is not a huge one, it does feel revamped. There is also at least one small change to the way to Play Store is organized: whereas before, the content in Google Play was broken up into Applications, Games, Movies, Music, Books, and Newsstand, we find that in Play Store 6.0.0 this content is divided into two larger areas, “Applications and Games” and “Entertainment”.

How to download the new Play Store 6.0.0 APK file

It’s possible that even if you have auto-updated already or downloaded the Play Store APK file manually, you might not notice the UI changes right away. They appear to be tied to your geographical region, rather than device type or operating system. Users in the United States and Germany are reporting that the changes are visible to them. For other major markets, like the UK, you’ll just have to download the APK file to see for yourself.

Downloading the Play Store 6.0.0 APK update is easy and just takes a couple minutes. If you’re reading this on your Android device, you’re halfway there already. If not, switch over to your smartphone or tablet and come back to this article for instructions and a download line for the Play Store 6.0.0 APK file.

On your Android device, if you haven’t already done a manual installation, you’ll need to go into your security settings and check the box next to “Unknown sources”; otherwise, the installation will be rejected by your device. When your settings are properly adjusted, tap on the download link below to download the latest Play Store APK file to your device. Open the file when it is finished downloading, and follow any instructions that appear on screen to finish the installation. And that’s it! Now you’ve got the latest version of Google Play Store and can check out the new design.

Click here to download Google Play Store APK

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