Google Play Store 5.12.9 APK Latest Update

Exciting news in the Android world rolled out around midnight just a few days ago (Nov. 6, 2015): Google has rolled out a new update for Google Play Store. The latest version is Play Store 5.12.9 and you can download the new updated APK online if your Android device didn’t automatically update itself. Google releases updates for Play Store and other Android system apps rather often, so it’s really important to always have the latest version of Play Store running on your smartphone or tablet; this will ensure good performance and smooth, fast downloads. But aside from the standard bug fixes that typically come with updates, the Play Store 5.12.9 update has lots of exciting changes on the horizon.

Google Play Store 5.12.9

Play Store 5.12.9 APK changes

This latest update of Google Play Store lays the groundwork for the beginning of a transition to the new Android OS, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With this update, Google is developing support for fingerprint sensors as well as a way to uninstall apps more easily. There are also rumors circulating that Play Store 5.12 will eventually have options for family sharing, gifting, and technology for NFC-enabled credit cards.

Play Store family sharing

This is a feature that users have been requesting for a very long time, and it looks like the new Play Store 5.12.9 update is laying the foundation to make it a reality in the near future. Rumor has it that a bit further down the line in Play Store 5.12, a feature will be released called the Family Library, which would allow users to share their purchased content with their family members or close friends. Details are few and far between, and it’s unclear whether there will be limits on the number of “family members” you can share with. Basically what it looks like is there will be a communal “Library” where any member can send purchased Play Store content so that other family members have access.

Play Store gifting

This is exactly what it sounds like. If the rumors turn out to be true, there will be a link to easily send somebody a gift through the Play Store. You might be able to buy your friend a song in Google Play Music, or their favorite movie in Play Movies, for example. Right now it’s not clear if there will be the option to return a gift for reimbursement.

Download Play Store version 5.12.9 APK

Downloading the latest update of Google Play Store 5.12.9 APK file to your Android device is simple. You’ll need a little bit of free space on your device (the update takes up 14.45 MB) and your device needs to be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher to be compatible with the Play Store update. If you haven’t already, you’ll also have to change your device’s security settings to allow downloads from “unknown sources”.

After that, it’s just a matter of downloading the Play Store APK file using a link in the web browser on your device, or downloading it to your PC and transferring the file via USB. Open the file and follow the on screen instructions, and bam! You’ve got the newest (very exciting) Google Play Store update 5.12.9.

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